The Clark Family

So, the Clark family asked me to photograph their family a second time and I couldn't have been happier with how the session turned out. This family is so photogenic and they were always smiling! We decided upon their home for the location for this shoot, so we didn't go very far from Valley Falls. Their home is beautiful and is in an amazing location. It had plenty of scenery for the family session and it made it much more personal. The Clark kids did wonderful at the session, they posed very nicely together and I never had to coax smiles out of them. Don't get me started on Caleb and Crystal, these two were constantly smiling at each other! The kids decided to add a few of the family pets in the pictures as well, which I love! They had a wide variety of chickens that I was pretty jealous of ;) The Clarks had their reveal and ordering session and now we wait for their beautiful products to arrive. 

Danielle GarzaComment