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Elijah's Birth Story - Topeka, Kansas birth photography

You all, I not only got to witness my nephew being born but I also got to photograph it for his wonderful parents. I arrived at Stormont Vail hospital in Topeka, Ks. a little after 11 am. It was still fairly calm so I settled in the corner of the room for a little bit until after the doctor came in and broke my sister-in-law's water. 

I was in it for the long hall. 12 hours to be exact. Only because it was family, otherwise, I wouldn't have shown up until MUCH later :)

Tamara has known that she would like to have an un medicated birth, however, she knew that sometimes things don't go as planned too. She was amazing! She handled the pain and discomfort like a champ and she fought hard to get her un medicated birth. I couldn't be any more excited for her!

I even helped apply her heat pack, because I love them that much!

I am so grateful that I got the oppurtunity to witness my nephew's birth and that I was able to help Tamara and Kris out in the process. I love this picture <3

An Engagement Session at the Governor's Mansion - Topeka, Kansas Portrait Photographer

Carie and Josh hired me photograph their big day in 2016. It will be a simple wedding, full of close family and friends, followed by BREAKFAST at their favorite diner in Topeka, Banjos. I love this idea and can not wait until the big day. Until then, I got to photograph their engagement session at one of the places they enjoy going on walks. The Governor's mansion (Cedar Crest) and Menninger's properties! 

It was a decent December evening, thankfully not too cold. I like asking lots of questions about my couples so I can have an idea of their personalities and their lifestyles. I feel that it better prepares me for their big day. 

We walked and walked and then walked some more! This place is amazing and I wanted to see it all!!