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Camden is 1 - Topeka, Kansas Portrait Photographer

I hate to say it but we celebrated our last first birthday in the Garza house. Our baby boy is 1! On December 27th, 2014 Camden came in to this world, au naturale, within an hour of us arriving at the parking garage at Stormont Vail. He was only a few hours late to become my birthday buddy. 

fresh 48
one year

He was NOT a fan of smashing cakes. I joked with my husband and said that we need to do a spaghetti smash instead, this boy can eat!

Yep, that's as close to it as he would get!

He has quite the personality and I can not wait to see him grow.. as long as he doesn't do it too quickly. 

Newborn to Cake Smash - Lawrence, Kansas Portrait Photographer

I started photographing Bryndle when she was a newborn and she came in to my in home studio in Valley Falls, KS. last week for her 1 year cake smash! I can not believe it! One year already? It shouldn't be a shock. I photographer her at 3 months, 6 months and her whole family a month ago. Yet here I am, still in disbelief, that she is one.

She is a cutie! This is what we live and work for. Those repeat clients that we get to see grow. Whether it be from newborns to big kids or engagement sessions to weddings, it means a lot to be included in those precious moments. Those moments that you want to remember forever. Those moments you want to be able to share with that newborn when he/she is a high school senior. 

This little girl will never have to wonder where all the pictures of her are. When she is an adult, she will have pictures to show her friends and her children as well. 

Her parents saw the importance in these memories and chose to have them photographed. A decision that they will NEVER regret. 

Okay, one last image from this cake smash!!